One of my favorite songs

Not too long ago, I was at a concert with Roberta and some of our friends. Coincidentally we also ran into some friends from Tacoma as well. The band in question is a certain David Crowder* Band (henceforth referred to as DC*B). I love the DC*B and this was not the first time I had seen them live.

Before DC*B played their last song, a group of fans yelled a request: “Play ‘Stars'”.  If you are unfamiliar with the song I would recommend giving it a good listen.  It’s a beautiful song about glory of creation singing praises to God, and the wonder that is found in creation.  It’s a simple song, mostly guitar and vocal, simple and beautiful.

At this time Roberta and I were still reeling from our second miscarriage, in the company of our friends who were pregnant (accidentally) with their third.  As the DC*B began to sing, I got caught up in the song and singing along, thinking about the words.  With my hands lifted up to heaven, I’ll never forget the words coming from my mouth along with the DC*B floating up to heaven:

“and you should hear the angels sing
all gathered round their king
more beautiful than you could dream
I’ve been quietly listening
you can hear ’em now, I hear em now

and how could such a king
shine His light on me
and make everything beautiful
and I wanna shine
I wanna be light
I wanna tell you it’ll be alright
and I wanna shine and I wanna fly
just to tell you now
it’ll be alright, it’ll be alright
it’ll be alright.”

In the natural, nothing was right.  I can’t even explain the deep, dark depression that I was in, ready to give up on everything.  I was so far gone that some days I had literally nothing to say to anyone not even Roberta.

As I listened and sang along to that song that day, with my arms reaching up for God, and tears streaming down my face, God met me.  I can’t explain it any more than that, God saw my natural, broken state, and he met me.  Somehow I knew that it would be alright.  God would bring me back to health, and restore all thing broken.

It was not a miraculous “that minute” thing, but did.  He made everything alright.  We still miss our babies that we lost, but God has brought restoration into our lives.

I don’t know what you might he going through.  I don’t know what is out of whack in your life, but God knows and sees it.  He desperately loves you and wants the best for you.  He can and wants to heal you of emotional, physical and spiritual wounds you might have (we all have them), and he wants to make it alright. It might not be a miracle overnight thing, it rarely is.  But in time, you’ll be able to look back and see how God carried you through those tough times.


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