Pinecones, Kids Camp & Monster’s Inc.

“For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of self-control.” 1 Tim 2:17 Basic English Version

I had in mind something else that I wanted to write about today, but decided a moment ago to change course… You’ll get to read the other post, just not today. 

At this exact moment, a friend of mine (the children’s pastor who mentors me, and trained me to be the pastor I am today) is at kids camp, along with several of my friends, the kids I used to minister to, and my brother.  The fact that this is happening brought to my memory the first time I volunteered to do kids camp.  The theme was based on Pixar’s Monsters Inc. and we used the time to talk about fear.  It was a great camp, and we saw God move in the lives of the kids and staff in a powerful way.

The last night of camp, in place of  a traditional altar call, we took the kids outside to the camp fire.  At the campfires, we had a box of pinecones and told the kids that they could, if they wanted, name their fear and throw it in the fire as an act of destroying the fear.  I had expected to hear things like, “I’m afraid of the dark,” or “I’m afraid of spiders.”  What I saw though blew my mind and brought me to tears.  It put a passion inside of me to reach out to kids and help them to serve God in a powerful way.  I heard the kids surrender fears like, “I’m afraid of my parents getting a divorce,” and “I’m afraid that when my brother goes to school, he wont be a Christian any more,” and “I’m afraid that my dad wont be in heaven.”

Wow!  What deep and real fears the kids were facing all those years ago.  I bring this up because I want to something bold and brave… I want to ask you what your fear is, and I want you to post it.  Then I want to pray for you, and ask other readers to pray for you as well.  This is bold for me because I don’t usually generate a lot of comments on this blog, but I want real interaction from my readers.

I’ll go first, despite saying this as I threw my pine cone in the fire years ago, I am still afraid of failure. 


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