What a difference a year makes?

Today, we had another doctor’s appointment for our baby.  After each appointment, the memories of appointments gone flood me.  Appointments that were filled with grief, disappointment and pain.  Each time a little less hopeful of what we wanted.  At one point, we discussed giving up trying all together.

I recently heard a message from a church in Southern California titled “The Promise”.  The speaker grew up in Alaska and thought he would try to compete in the Iditarod dog sled race.  He and a buddy drove out to the wilderness to begin training.  On the first day of his training, he took a bit longer than he thought to reach his destination.  His friend started to get hypothermic.  Off in the distance, they spotted a cabin and pulled up to it.  The sight was devastating, every window was broken out, the door was ajar, and snow filled the cabin, and there was not way to even close the door to keep the wild animals out.  Despite their and the dogs’ weariness, they decided the best thing to do is turn around and head back.

All night long, he fought the elements, kept the dogs moving, and both survived the ordeal.  Upon arriving home, he found out that the cabin they found was an old abandoned loggers cabin.  The cabin they were looking for was a mere 200 yards further.  All the windows were there, the door was solid and it was waiting their arrival.

How many times to we give up so close to what God has for us?  Roberta and I were so close to giving up.  We began talking about all the other options for becoming parents because we did not think we could handle another heart ache.  God was telling us that what were looking for was only a bit further, don’t give up.  So, we didn’t.

Giving up often sounds like the easy thing to do.  However, you’ll never know how close you were to receiving what was promised if you don’t continue to go after what God promised!


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