Prop 8

I know I am supposed to write about current events on Friday, but I was distracted by my upcoming weekend away, and forgot what the big news was that I wanted to write about… So, you got inspirational/devotion friday, and now current events Tuesday.  One day, I’ll get this all right.

In any event, this last week the Supreme Court overturned Proposition 8 in California, against the wishes and votes of a prior election.  I have mixed feelings about Proposition 8.  I am sure that anyone who has spent any time with me, or reading my blog can guess what my objections are to it, and as such I’ll ignore that for today (except for one comment), and talk about the other parts of the issue.

When I read the Bible, I see an incredible message of love.  I’ve always clung to that message of love that intertwines itself with my faith.  God created people to love.  The love was supposed to be two ways, he loves people, and the people love him back.  In love, he gave the law and punishments for breaking the law.  In love, he sent his son to free us from sin.  In love, he is awaiting his return to bring his people to be with him because he wants as many people as possible to hear about his love.  The Bible is all about love.  Somewhere, the church got it all mixed up (maybe it’s where Moses brought the 10 commandments down and 1,000’s of rules were made), and rather than focusing on this love, we got focused on what we should or should not be doing.  Now the prevailing attitude is that the purpose of the church is to tell people what to do and not do. The purpose of the church is to love.  Jesus lovingly sent his disciples to tell the world about his love.  In the spirit of this love, the church should have its arms wide open to everyone.

By and large, most people who claim to be Christians claim to also be “pro-life”.  Unfortunately, by pro-life, they mostly mean anti-abortion.  I have decided to literally be pro-life, that means that if I claim to be “pro-life”, than I am going to be not only for living life, but also for things that makes life worth living.  That means I am for human rights, and by extension gay rights.  I am certainly not and have not been opposed to the idea of allowing gay marriage.  For me its been some of the side issues that go with it that I oppose (my one comment).  I’m all for the ideas of allowing hospital visitation rights to someone who means a lot to a person, combining assets, health care coverage, and other privileges that are bestowed upon married people.  I even think that they ought be able to divorce if a relationship does not work out.

The part of the ruling that has me upset is the fact that a judge overruled the wish of the people of California.  It seems to me that more and more our representation by our electorate are not actually representing us.  The economic stimulus bill was certainly not favored by the American people.  I would like to have seen the Health Care bill go before the people and not Congress, as I am not convinced that a majority of America wanted it either.  It just seems to me that those who are supposed to representing us, are simply representing their own interests.

Where does it stop?  I honestly believe in people.  I  believe that the decision makers in America (congress, judges who rule on such things) want what is best for America, but do we have a say in what we think is best for America?


2 thoughts on “Prop 8

  1. very very true words… I’ve always found it hard to put how I see all those issues into words and you did it… Thanks!

    Your writings keep getting better and better Brad. 🙂 I’m glad i can read it!

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