Running Music

So, I like to run… wait, I like the idea of running.  My relationship with running could better be summarized as a love/hate relationship.  I love not running, and I hate to run.  Nevertheless, I do.  Roberta and once ran a 5k race, and often fantasize of running a half marathon, and maybe one day a full marathon.  A few weeks ago, I got inspired to start training for a 10k, unfortunately kids camp came at a crucial training time, and I lost sight of my goal.

One of the most important aspects to running is making sure that you have a good music player and even better music to go keep you going.  Even though I love my iPhone, and I do use it when running, I miss my classic iPod because the touch screen interface on the iPhone is difficult to manage when running.  Anyhow, when it comes to music, it is obviously important to listen to music that resonates with your heart, and motivates you to keep moving.  I have a playlist of mostly upbeat worship music that I use.  (Sidenote, when I ran the 5k, I knew roughly how long it would take, and strategically placed different songs where I thought I might need them… how much of a dork am I?) It includes some David Crowder, Skillet, Desperation Band, Matt Kerney, and Martina McBride.

Wait, did I say Martina McBride?  Yes, I did.  It’s funny how that came about.  I heard the song “Anyway” for the first time a while ago (not being much a country music fan), and thought, “What a powerful song.”  When I began running, I thought, I’ll give it a try, and see how it works as a running song.  Every time the song starts, I think to myself, “I should take this song off, it’s slow, and overall does not fit.”  But those 5 minutes that “Anyway” is blaring in my ears often turns out to be the best 5 minutes of my run. 

The song talks about not giving up.  God calls us to serve Him.  Sometimes serving Him may look like madness to us or those around us.  Look at Noah, he built a boat before their was a river, ocean, stream, any body of water, or even rain.  He did not really know what he was building, but he did.  Many times we get wrapped up in results and thinking that numbers are important.  Things have to meet a certain result, make a certain amount of money, or an amount of people have to be a part of it.  What if on a cosmic scale, numbers are irrelevant?  After all, Noah’s boat only saved 8 people in the whole earth, and a few animals.  But he did it anyway. 

God does not call us to achieve results.  He calls us to be faithful, and take action.


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