Here are some thoughts that I have floating through my mind:

I struggle with impatience.  I wonder how many other people do too.

Respect: Showing others how important they are by your words and actions. This is what we learning in kids church this week.

If you are ever teaching but not learning, you are not really teaching.

Teaching requires learning, for both the teacher and students.

God gave us authorities for a reason.  By being respectful to them, we stay under the protection that God provides (Romans 13:1-7)

In rare cases rebellion against authority is acceptable but only when the authority is in rebellion to God, and our rebellion is loyalty to God.  Daniel continued to pray to God despite the law passed that forbid praying to anyone except the king.

Kids are keen to pick up on subtle things, in teaching and in life.

Where ever you go, that is where you are and where God placed you.  Use your positioning to advance God’s Kingdom!

Glad to have the kids back in school.  The church/school campus is way to quiet without the kids.

Grateful for a great relationship between the school and church.  That is not always the case.


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