Random Monday

Thoughts going through my head today:

-Our words are unbelievably powerful

-A great amount of respect or disrespect can be shown in our words

-Words are such a small part of communication

-Even though I have no talent whatsoever in golf, I loving going out to chase that ball around and get it to the elusive hole

-What is it about the internet that makes people write things that are much more hateful than they are in “real life?”

-If people thought of how their words affected others, would they think about what they say more?

-I really wish I had this patience thing down… NOW!

-Words can tear down or build up

-Tearing down a building is a quick process that can be done in a fraction of the amount of time it takes to build the building

-Challenge: use your words to build people up this week


2 thoughts on “Random Monday

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