Random Monday

Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator

Random thoughts floating through my head on this Monday afternoon:

  • Monday is my favorite day of the week.  I think it gets a bad rap. (I don’t work on Mondays)
  • How is it possible that we have a really mild summer, then all of a sudden we get a hot week at the end of September?
  • I spend entirely too much time watching TV, how about you?
  • What would happen if Christians took just 1/2 the amount of time they watch TV, and spent it reading the Bible, and/or praying?
  • Jesus was a miracle worker in the Bible, and he still is today!
  • God is the ultimate owner of all things and He deserves our respect.
  • Our series on respect has been awesome, but it is now time to put it away and start on our next series.
  • I sometimes wonder what my dog is thinking.  Does anyone else do that?
  • I found that I care much more about twitter on days that I work, than on days that I am home.
  • I’m an introvert (if you did not already know that).
  • If you are an introvert, I highly recommend this book that I am reading: “Introverts in the Church” by Adam S. McHugh
  •  We often get caught up in how big our problems are and forget how big God is…

4 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. Dude, I’m with you on the thoughts, but you lost me with Chuck Norris. I was expecting some reasons to be afraid.

    Like: In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light.” And Chuck Norris said, “Say please.”

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