Random Monday

How is this for random?


My thoughts on this Monday: 

  • The greatest job in the history of the world?  King’s Cupbearer, just think about it…
  • God showed initiative not just in creation, but in every page of the Bible
  • The greatest example of this is how God pursues us before we ever even give Him a thought
  • Nehemiah was a stud
  • When he saw a problem that did not affect him, Nehemiah prayed and fasted nonstop for days
  • The walls of Jerusalem can be a great parallel to our lives
  • Nehemiah went to Jerusalem to assess the walls, how often we assess our lives and notice places that are broken down?
  • Had a great time on Saturday walking through downtown Portland as a part of the Stop Child Trafficking Now, walk
  • Human Trafficking in Portland is huge, and it needs to be stopped NOW!
  • I wonder what MC Hammer is up to these days
  • Less than 3 months until “mini-me” (AKA Zane) is due to be born

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