The Sunday Afternoon Nap

About 6 months ago, Jon Acuff (author of the blog and book “Stuff Christians Like”) posted a blog encouraging his readers to send him guest blogs.  He gave specifics about how to write it, and all that jazz.  Being an aspiring blogger, I thought that I would write and post and see if it is good enough. 

So I did.  I got an email back saying that he’ll let me know if he posts it.  I waited, and waited and waited.  After about 4 months, I think that he has either forgotten about me, or it is not up to “Stuff Christians Like” standards.  In any event, I’ve given up.  As such, you can find my attempt at writing “Stuff Christians Like” below:

Us Christians love our Sunday afternoon naps, almost as much as we love church itself.  In my house, we have routine that we follow religiously.  As soon as church is over, we rush to socialize with as many people as we feel is minimally appropriate, then rush home, make and eat lunch as fast as we can (thank you crock pot 2 of four weeks a month), fight over who sleeps where, then nap for at least the length of one football game.

 There are several reasons why Christians take Sunday afternoon naps:

 1) It divides our day into two parts, the holy part and the normal part.  In the holy part of the day we attend church, call everyone brother and sister, try not to sin, and that holy glow is all around us.  In the normal part we get mad, simply ask God for forgiveness when we sin, have fun and buy expensive things that we don’t need only to take them back because we remember that Christians should not own nice new stuff.

2)      We wake up early on Sundays to get the good parking spot at church, our normal seat, the kids off to their classes, which if all done properly gives us the best chance of getting a good prayer spot at the response time.  All that stress and pressure leads to needing a good nap.

3)      The nap allows us to process the pastor’s message and move it from our head to our hearts which of course is the hardest 6 inches to move anything (primarily because there is no direct route).

4)      When Moses came down from the mountain, he actually left a tablet of alternate commandments which he did not feel were as important as “don’t murder” and “don’t commit adultery (which by the way, is the ultimate worse sin a Christian can commit)” and “honor your parents.”  Among the commandments left behind we find “Take a nap on Sunday” and “don’t own nice stuff.”  Don’t believe me? Climb up Mount Sinai and have a look-see.  But don’t because I think it someone removed it some time ago.

5)      It is a great way to honor the Sabbath.  Enough said.

 Why do you love your Sunday afternoon naps?


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Afternoon Nap

  1. I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had a nap. Seriously. I love them. Not because I’m trying to process anything. I just NEED SLEEP! GOD HELP ME! I NEED MY SLEEP! WHY, GOD? WHY?


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