God of the impossible

Benaiah in a moment of madness, or faith takes on the lion in a pit

When I need a little pick me up, I like to turn to 2nd Samuel 23 and read about the awesomeness of David and his men.  I like to read it because it reminds me that God is the God of the impossible.  Before you read on, go ahead and read 2 Samuel 23, if you have A.D.D. skip the first 7 verses and read them another time. 

These stories are crazy!  Without the knowledge of a God who is so big that He holds the universe in his hands, these stories are impossible to believe.  Imagine reading these headlines in a newspaper rather than the Bible (I know this is the second time in a week that I’ve used the headline thing):

“Man runs into pit on snowy day; kills lion”

“Warrior defeats battalion of Philistines to save beans”

“Soldier taunts enemy, friends flee, man fights defeats enemy singlehandedly”

“Man kills 300 men in battle with spear, alone”

“Solder goes against spear wielding Egyptian with club, wins”

These headlines are unbelievable-but for the power of our God.  When I see things like this, my situation, problems, wants, needs and desires become so small.  Sin has a way of shrinking God to our size, and making as though it is a stretch for God to meet our needs, wants and desires.  Because of the fall of men (Genesis 3), we are prone to think of God as having limits.  He can only do that which we imagine, sometimes. 

These stories that we read about in 2 Samuel are far beyond my imagination.  If I only had half of one of these stories, the ending would sound a bit more the end of a Mel Gibson movie: He died a hero that day on the battlefield.  When we take a moment to attempt to look at God in the right size, we get a clear picture of what God can really do.  If He can use one soldier to defeat the Philistines (more than once), I’ll say that God is a big God who has no problems doing what we need Him to do.

I sure am glad that He is in control and not me!


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