Can you save a life?

If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I one of my favorite blogs is Stuff Christians Like.  About a year ago, Jon Acuff the author of Stuff Christians Like (SCL) decided through conversation with his 4 year old daughter to build a kindergarten in Viet Nam through raising money on SCL.  The readers banded together and raised enough money for not one, but two kindergartens to be built.

Jon got a crazy idea this year to try to save 1,000 lives through SCL.  In Nakaseke District, of Uganda, malaria runs rampant.  People die of malaria.  A $10 malaria net saves lives.  Jon is asking his readers to try to save 1,000 lives by donating money to purchase malaria nets.  100% of the money goes to purchasing nets, nothing is going to payroll, transportation or other overhead costs.  Now, I am asking for my readers to support this.  Inside of 2 1/2 hours, over $10,000 have already been raised, and the challenge goes on for 22 1/2 more hours.

Can you save a life?  Go to here, choose SCL 10k from the drop down list and donate.


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