Random Monday

What's up doc?

Thoughts Today:

  • I am so sorry for my inconsistency through the month of October on blogging.  Its been a rough month
  • Mega-loath moving… but it has to be done
  • Mini Me update: about 10 weeks til he is due… Getting scared!
  • Painfully optimistic about Mariners next year… hoping to only loose 95 games
  • Lame confession: sometimes I talk in twitter speak, including saying “hashtag” followed by a summary of the statement and referring to people as @firstnamelastname or their twitter name
  • Nehemiah story is a huge wow! The wall and city gates were built in only 52 days!  No small miracle, often overlooked and underrated
  • Our initiative/Nehemiah series for kids church is over.  Loved it!!!
  • When you have done all that YOU can do, let God do the rest.  Powerful principle!
  • We all have “walls” in our lives that need repair
  • God is in the business of miraculously repairing walls
  • Romans 8:31 “What shall we say then? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

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