Kids Live! Points

As a kids pastor, there are many things that I have opinions about.  In fact, as a human being I have a lot of opinions, but my opinions as a kids pastor are far more important.  One of the opinions that I am adamant about concerns incentive programs for kids.  I am not a fan, in case you have not noticed.  There are many reasons that I am not a fan, but I wont go there right now.

Despite my objections, an idea was pitched to me that I think deals with my opinions in such a way that I am willing to explore the idea of having some incentives.  Without any further ado, I would like to present to you the Kids Live Points:

1) For each week that your child comes to Kids Live, there exists an opportunity to gain 2 or 3 points.  One point can be earned for the following:
bringing your Bible to church
saying your memory verse (since we use one verse for the month, each child can only earn one point on this per month)
doing an activity on your God Time Card

2) Each week that your child does one or more of these things, be sure to fill out a point card to help accumulate points for Kids Live!

3) When the achieve a certain amount of points, everyone wins!  There will be a group reward, perhaps a few minutes of gym time, or extended game time, maybe a special snack on the next Sunday, who knows?

This approach sits much better with me because it allows the kids to work together as a team, and does not cater to instant gratification.  The kids receive a reward for good behavior, but it does motivate kids to do things for stuff. 

As your kids come into kids church, be sure to grab a yellow slip and help the kids work towards their goal.


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