Faith and fear: Hand in Hand?

“…the righteous will live by faith” Habakkuk 2:4

I admit it.  I’m a chicken.  I am not gifted in the faith department.  If God called me to step out in fear, quit my job and trust in him, I would at least balk, if not altogether say no.  I’m trying to work through it.  I’ve spent some time memorizing some verses about faith, and I pray them-frequently.  I’m reading about about faith (by the way, you should get it, “Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick”).

Basically the background of the book is that Steven Futrick left his small town with 8 other people families and planted a church in Charlotte, North Carolina.   In North Carolina, the average church plant lasts a little less than 3 years.  Futrick felt this was his God ordained assignment.  There were doubts, and it scared the pants off him-no doubt.  But God blessed this work, and 8 years later, it is a church with 4 campuses and weekly ministers to 6,000 people.

Just about every church leadership author says that if your vision is not so big that it scares you, it is not a God sized vision.  To me that also means that unless what you are doing, or endeavoring to do scares you, than it is not faith.  Lets say God asked me to step out and plant a church much like Furtick and Company did.  I balk and tell God, yes, when I have $x amount of personal money saved and the church is fully financed than I will plant the church.  That is not faith, that is doing something that you know is possible.  It is also the same reason that God does not physically manifest himself on earth.  Anyone can believe what they see, but not everyone will walk by faith.

So what do you think? Do you have to have fear to walk by faith?


4 thoughts on “Faith and fear: Hand in Hand?

  1. Excellent post. My husband and I are in that “from fear to faith” place right now. Both of us are unemployed, with no prospects, and seeking God for our next step. Do I think you have to have fear to walk by faith? No, but I think that often fear is the catalyst for walking by faith.

  2. Great post, Brad. I’ve been wanting to read Furtick’s book, and have added it to my “to-read” stack.

    Our subconscious is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It’s the part of our mind where faith is actually lived out. We can consciously make decisions to have more faith – faith that God will direct us, faith that we will find a job, faith that our goals will be reached, faith that we will find the right spouse to share life with, etc. – and yet we still may feel that we can’t shake a fear underneath all of that. We still feel negative and afraid. This is because our conscious thoughts aren’t in line with our subconscious thoughts. Our subconscious is on autopilot, and it takes shifting your entire belief structure to change it. But if we continue to tell ourselves the truth – the truth that God will lead us, we’ll find that perfect job, etc. – those conscious thoughts will transmute themselves to subconscious belief. THIS is when faith in the impossible is realized. My favorite biblical example of this is Gideon – a scared army leader who wants to believe but questions every single thing. It’s only after deciding to go for it, to move past his fears that he rises victorious. Somewhere in his action, his conscious hope changed to unshakable belief.

    Wow, I talked a lot. Just my opinion. I could be wrong. 🙂

    • Yes, Gideon is a great example of walking by faith. His battle plan was madness-go from an army of thousands to 300, and still win?!? Thanks for your edtion to the conversation Bryan.

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