Random Monday

I’ve read through Job a lot lately.  If you have not read Job, give a good read.  Here are some thoughts about what I’ve read, followed by some more random thoughts:

  • Leviathan, boy am I glad that those are not around any more… to me, it sounds kind of like a dragon.
  • I’ve been through some hard times in life, but nothing has gotten me as down as Job.  He cursed the day of his birth…
  • It is so important to surround yourself with people who love you and will stick by you no matter what.
  • Sometimes, people don’t need your words, they need you (2:13).
  • God is the one who gives all we have to us, and He can take it at His will.
  • Sometimes, God allows bad things to happen to good people, it does not mean that he does not love them or is mad at them.
  • God is more powerful than Satan.  Satan had to seek permission to afflict Job.  I wonder if this is usually the way it happens or if Job was somehow a special case.

Now for the more random:

  • Christmas is a season of Joy.  We can have Joy because God always keeps His promises!
  • My heart is heavy today thinking of friends who do not have Joy this holiday season because of missing places at their table.
  • If you know someone who is lacking Joy this holiday season, for this reason or for another, be sure to reach out to them
  • Speaking of Joy, Mini-Me is due in like 4 weeks.  Getting excited!

5 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. They say the story of Job may have been written by multiple authors. The first couple of chapters and the last couple of chapters seem to tell the story of the quiet loving man who was so afflicted with loss, yet held onto his faith in God. But in the middle, the tone of the story completely changes. Job is an angry character and the writing takes on a dark tone. The character isn’t consistent throughout the book. Side note: Job’s book also makes an early reference to dinosaurs (Consider the mighty behemoth – 40:15-24). All kinds of random stuff here. Oh, and it is believed to be the oldest book of the Bible. Written centuries before Moses. Okay, that’s enough randomness from me. 🙂

  2. Great words. Job kinda puts suffering into perspective and it’s scary but humbling.

    Congrats on the kiddo. My son looks exactly like my wife did when she was a baby and she recently took to calling him “mini-me”, thus, I have taken to calling her Dr. Evil.

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