The Walls

“Shout to the Lord for he has given you the city!” Joshua 6:16

Continuing on the same story from yesterday’s post…

The Israelites had both a promise and a problem.  The promise? God would give them a land to call their own.  This land is “flowing with milk and honey” it has fruit bigger than you have ever seen or even imagined.  In this land, they would be free to worship God as they please and not be slaves to the Egyptian empire any more.  Sounds like a good promise.

The problem? People were still living in “their land” and had to be driven out.  The first group of people for the Israelites to face lived in a city called Jericho.  Jericho had high walls that stood in the way of the Israelites driving them out and consequently claiming their promise from God.  Their orders, as I wrote about yesterday were to march around the city, then shout.

Shouting does something interesting to a person’s soul.  It releases frustrations and tension, and can cause something primal to rise up and move that person to greatness.  I am a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsey.  Yes, the very one who curses, yells, screams, calls people names, and seems like a real pain in the backside.  Chef Ramsey not only hosts the painful to watch (but I can’t get enough of) Hell’s Kitchen, but also a lesser popular show called Kitchen Nightmares.  In Kitchen Nightmares, he goes to small locally owned restaurants and works with the owners to turn a failing business to into success.  By the way, he is a really nice guy and really seems to care about people on Kitchen Nightmares.

On a particular episode, after watching the owner work for a day or two, he took him up to the side of a mountain where no one else was around for miles.  Chef Ramsey told him that he saw a passion in him, but it was locked up inside of him,  it needs to  be released.  The reason they came to this place was so that he could yell whatever he wanted to unleash the passion.  He yelled all kinds of things that day, unashamed because no one else was there to hear it (except the cameras and dozen or so people who watch the show).  Something primal was released in him on that trip.  He came back to his restaurant full of life and passion.  He made the changes necessary and with Chef Ramsey’s help, turned his restaurant around.

So, back to the point of what I was saying.  God wants to give good things to us (Matthew 7:7-12), but sometimes there are things that stand in the way… things like big walls protecting people that need to be driven out.  What are some of the promises that God has given you?  God’s record suggests that He always keeps his Promises.  So, what is in the way of you receiving His promises?

We all have walls, maybe your wall is short, maybe it is tall.  Maybe your wall is big and thick, or small and thin.  Maybe your wall is made up of all different things, or perhaps it is one really big thing.  Maybe your wall is a feeling of inferiority, you don’t feel like you are good enough for God.  Maybe your wall is your family.  You feel like because things that happened in your family, or to your family that God has nothing to give you.  Maybe your wall is sin.  You can not work past a particular sin-no matter how hard  you try.

After the Israelites saw their wall, God gave them a plan to take care of it, and all they really needed to do was to shout.

“Shout for the Lord has given you the city”  How can you “shout” at your wall?


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