Random Monday


  • I love being a Mac user (part-time albeit, maybe someday full-time).
  • I mega-loath painting.  At one point in my life (fairly recently) I swore I was done painting, yet here I am painting again.
  • Christmas is coming, and so is Mini-Me.  Any guesses on which comes first?
  • I enjoy fiction much more than non-fiction.  There I finally admitted it.
  • Another admission: I actually like the Salvation Army guys ringing the bells.
  • Most of the Christmas songs that I like, are not the “traditional” Christmas songs.
  • We can have joy this holiday season because we know that God can do anything.
  • God often works in paradoxes (last become first, greatest will become the least), it helps if we embrace it.
  • Miracles come in every size, big, small and everything in between.  Many times we just look for the big ones.  What small miracles have you experienced lately?

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