Some years ago a friend of mine challenged me once to look for “everyday miracles” everyday for a week.  By everyday miracle, he meant things that are not really “mind-blowing” or that are do not baffle medical minds, but certainly show God taking care of you.  It was a fun challenge, and really spiritually moving.  When you take a few moments a day to search out what God is doing, it really does blow your mind.

The other day in our church staff devotions, the idea was once again brought up of everyday miracles.  Everyone on the church staff shared a miracle they have recently experienced.  As I began to think about it, I became overwhelmed with the number of “everyday miracles” I have experienced in the last year or so.  Here are some of the top most “everyday miracles” of 2010 for Roberta and me:

1) The home that we own (rental property) has not gone into foreclosure.  In 2009, we went through a mess with our rental property and were quick to get it turned over to a new tenant.  As it turns out, it we moved to fast.  Payment coming in from our tenant was always a headache, and it reached a breaking point in January when they stopped paying altogether.  The eviction process is slow at best, and when you are a pastor trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, and extend grace, and living 250 miles away from it and depending on other people who do not know what they are doing, it gets even slower.  Between the deathly slow eviction process, subsequent clean up before re-renting, and turning it over to a property management company, we did not collect rent on the house for about 5 months.  Yet, God took care of our finances.  We managed to pay the mortgage each month, as well as keep food on our table and not fall behind in any other bills.  In fact, we end this year with more money in savings than we have ever had.

2) After a slew of miscarriages (3), we have a baby boy due in about 2 weeks.  I was ready to give up.  I was so tired of miscarriages, I wanted to quit trying all together and was satisfied with the idea of being DINKs (Double Income No Kids) for the rest of our lives.  There are some great advantages to being a DINK, if you have never considered it.  Roberta would not give up though.  After a miscarriage, we try to wait about 3 months or so before trying again, but she talked me into trying again right away after our most recent loss.  It’s a good thing too, because before I even agreed to try again, she was pregnant.  About nine months later, she is still pregnant!  I thank God daily for the miracle of live that rests inside of her and am so excited to meet him!

3) Our new home.  As the pregnancy progressed, we began to reconsider our living situation.  A two bedroom apartment with construction of a new hospital across the street (literally right outside our balcony), is not ideal for a new-born.  Roberta made a friend through her activities as a nanny.  This friend’s husband was transferred to Canada for his job.  The company pays for moving expenses and their living arrangement, so they have their home sitting empty, and no real need for the income.  They basically told us that they’ll take whatever we want to pay for rent.  So we made a reasonable offer and we have a great home to living in and take care of our baby for the next couple of years.

4) Moving.  There were so many miracles in this that I don’t know where to begin.  First, it was basically my mom and I who moved everything we own from the apartment to the new house.  Secondly, we did it in about 1 day.  Third, the boxes: not sure where the best deal on boxes is, we went to Craig’s List and found several listings for boxes.  We got two different peoples’ medium and large boxes, and one family’s small boxes.  Not sure if we had enough or not, we just went with it, and thought that if we need more, we know where to get them.  On the last day in our apartment, we were packing the last of our stuff into the last box.  We had the perfect amount of boxes, not one extra box, not short one.

These are some of our miracles from the last 12 months… What miracles have you experienced that you would like to share?


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