Sun Stand Still?

I mentioned once before that I am reading Steven Furtick’s book, “Sun Stand Still”.  I love the way this book is challenging me to live by faith.  Basically, the book title comes from the story in Joshua 10.  Joshua is fighting a battle, and the day is coming to an end.  In order for the battle to be won, it had to have been finished before the end of the day, otherwise the enemy would flee in the darkness, and they would get away.  Joshua prayed a bold prayer, certainly a prayer of faith: “God, may the sun stand still so we can finish was what was started.”  God heard that prayer, and did as Joshua asked.

What a bold prayer!!!  Crazy in logic, huge in faith, and answered by God.  My post is a short one today.  I simply want to ask:

What are big bold prayer are you asking God for?

Have you already thought about how you will thank God when He comes through?


One thought on “Sun Stand Still?

  1. This book is on my “To Read” list for 2011. I’ll have a
    post out later today or sometime tomorrow with the other books I
    have on my list. I’m excited to read this.

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