God’s Plans

I recently had a chance to live a lesson that I taught in kids church.  It’s kind of cool when God prepares you for what is coming.  This opportunity came in two forms, one immediate, and one a bit later, but more powerful.  The last Sunday of any year is generally a more low-key service.  The attendance is low and being a holiday weekend (the day after Christmas) this year  was no exception.

In kids church, I go all out every weekend.  It makes no never mind to me how many kids are or are not there, what matters to me is who is there.  In any event, we also made a transition in Kids Church to go from having small groups every week to every other week.  It is a good transition in many regards.  So naturally, the last week of the year was the week for small groups.  I coordinated the small group leaders, asked them to give up their worship experience for the week to lead their small groups, and take time to prep. I taught the lesson and was almost wrapped up getting ready to let them go into their small groups, when parents started arriving.  Oh, yeah, I should mention the lesson.  The bottom line of the lesson was “You can have joy because God has a plan.”  The text of the lesson was that God’s plan is not always our plan, but it is always better.  As parents showed up, I realized that God’s plans were once again more important than mine.  For whatever reason, small groups were not supposed to happen that weekend.

Second learning opportunity: Roberta and I gave birth to our first-born on January 1st this year.  Through our pregnancy, we talked about the “birth plan” (who would be in the room, to get an epidural or not, those kind of things).  We had a pretty loose plan: those who wanted to be in the room could be, go as long as possible without the epidural, but there was one thing we did not discuss: the possibility of a c-section.  Though we tried as hard as we could, the c-section eventually became the best option.  Nothing went according to plan.  We wanted the baby born before the new year, he made it out 2 hours 20 minutes late.  We wanted a natural birth, he came by c-section.  Roberta wanted to do it without an epidural, but it became necessary after they  they broke her water and put her on pitosin.

Long story short, God has plans, we have plans.  The best plans to make are to follow God’s plans.  Oh, yeah and we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

3 thoughts on “God’s Plans

  1. Brad, Congratulations on your new baby boy! You have learned a lesson that often comes with a lot of pain. But if our perspective is open, God can reveal some powerful truths to us. I like how you tweeted it, “God’s plans are higher than mine.” Often, we may not feel God has better plans (I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true) because we go through a hardship. But “higher” plans invokes a bigger picture. One that sees things we cannot. Thanks for posting buddy, and congrats to you!

    • Thanks man! As I was thinking about this post, the words of Jason Upton’s song (No Sacrifice) was ringing in my ears, “Your words are higher than mine, your love is deeper than mine.”

  2. Congratulations on your baby boy! Mine just graduated
    college, so I’m reading your news with a smile, remembering when
    mine was born (c-section as well, by the way). I’m sure you’ve
    heard this before, but I’ll say it anyway…don’t blink! It goes by

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