What to say?

I sit at my desk today wrapping up business and making preparations for transition from my current ministry position to my next.  It is an awkward time for sure.  Some express disappointment and sentiments of missing me, others offer congratulations and wish the best for me.  Some of these people, I had little interaction with, yet they feel the need to offer me some words.  As exciting as it is to look to the future and get excited about it, there is a bit of sadness about leaving some friends behind.  Some would use the word “Goodbye.”

Us Christians get kind of funny about using the word “Goodbye.”  At my last church we spent a year working closely with a team of people from the great evangelist Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham).  At the end of the year, we hosted Franklin Graham in the Tacoma Dome, and shortly there after, the team departed onto their next destination.  One of the guys that I spent the most time with asked me not to say “goodbye” but instead, “see you later” or anything of that nature.  I said “see you later,” to which he responded “either here, there, or in the air.” I love this guy, but that was a bit odd.

I’m gonna miss this place.  Its been very good to me.  Its been a place of healing in the midst of deep hurt.  We met people who have walked through the darkest of times with us.  We have people rejoice with us in times of rejoice.  We have met some people that we wish we knew better before they moved on, and others that well, mean something to somebody (just kidding).  This place brought us to Portland and altered the course of our lives.  We will be eternally grateful for this place and things that we learned here, even in the hard times.

All this to say, see you later Life Church.  We’ll miss you.


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