A good leader

I think about leadership a lot.  Mostly because my work (ministry) requires that I be a good a leader, so I work on leadership skills, read about leadership, go to leadership seminars, and do anything else related to leadership that I can.  I thought that I might start a list of things that good leaders do, and go into more detail on them in the future.  So here goes.  A good leader:

  1. Models
  2. Loves
  3. Serves
  4. Sacrifices
  5. Inspires
  6. Respects
  7. Follows
  8. Mentors
  9. Gives
  10. Creates

What words would you add to this list?


UPDATE: The posts that have a hyperlink attached to them are posts that are written.  Clicking the hyperlink will take you to the post.  The others are coming soon.


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