She laughed

Genesis 18:12: “So Sarah Laughed…”

An interesting three word phrase we find in the Bible here.  “So Sarah laughed…” It kind of got her in trouble.  Context would help:  3 men appeared to her husband Abraham.  We presume by the circumstances of their visit as well as their message that they are angels of God.  The came to Abraham and Sarah with a message: “Abraham, you and Sarah are going to have a baby boy.”  Abraham and Sarah were getting up there, well beyond the time most people have kids.  So, Sarah laughed. 

Sarah did not believe it was possible for her to be a mother.  She had been barren her whole life, and given up on the idea of having children.  At one point, Sarah even told her husband,  “I’m getting too old to have kids, try having kids with my maidservant.” So, he did, and the maidservants bore children for Abraham. 

As most young women, she wanted so desperately to be a mother, but she gave up on her dream.  Not only did she give up on her dream, but she let the pendulum swing the other way and refused to believe that it could happen.  She forgot, or perhaps did not realize that she served the God of the impossible. 

We know it, we sing it, and we believe it, but so often we find ourselves in Sarah’s place, laughing at the news that we had hoped for, for so long.  In fact, I recently heard someone say something that I nearly laughed at.

What have you been waiting and praying for?  If God comes and delivers you the news you’ve been waiting and praying for, are you ready to hear it, or laugh?  I hope you are ready to hear it.


3 thoughts on “She laughed

  1. Brad, in my experience, I think one reason we see situations like this (and I also think of Zachariah in the temple when he’s told he’ll have a son in the early part of Matthew) where God puts the smack-down on doubters isn’t because he’s up on a big throne saying, “HOW DARE THOU DISBELIEVE, SCOUNDREL? SMITE!” I think it’s because God knows just how powerful our subconscious mind is to what we accomplish and what we see happen in our lives. If Zachariah kept telling himself it was impossible to have a baby, his subconscious would have picked up on it and his belief system would have made his life worse. For Sarah, I think it’s the same. Good post.

    • Our thoughts are so much more powerful than we give them credit for. Thoughts create attitudes, and words. Our words have the power of life and death and attitudes have the ability to shape us. Hmm great thoughts!

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