Be Thankful

I am going to take a break from the usual blog format today of writing something Biblical/encouraging and write on current events.

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard about how the people of Egypt ousted their President/dictator Mubarak.  I applaud their courage and devotion to country.  They were willing to and for a couple of days did endure harsh physical conditions including violence, to win their freedom.  It remains to be seen what it really means.  It is possible that another dictator rises up in the uncertainty of political unrest, but that is not a road that I am going down today.

The boldness of the Egyptians have inspired others to rise up against their dictators; namely in Jordan, Liberia and Iran.  The Egyptians did face some violence, don’t get me wrong here, but they made it this far relatively peaceful compared to the freedom fighters of these other countries, especially Jordan.  The news report that I heard this morning said that in Bahrain, the police went in determined to break the will and spirit of the protestors, stopping at nothing to do so.  The injury and fatality report was staggering to me, though I do not remember the figures at present.

All that to say this: Be thankful for your freedom.  I am no constitution scholar, but I do know that the Bill of Rights keeps our government in check and prevents these kind of atrocities from happening.  The police do not interfere with protests unless laws are broken or it gets out of hand.  The Constitution also guarantees us the basic freedoms that those in the Middle East are literally dying for.

Be thankful for forefathers who laid a foundation of freedom in our country that has remained in tack for over 200 years.

Be thankful for our military that fought and still fights to keep these freedoms in tack.

Be thankful for God’s blessing on our country.

Be thankful and say a prayer for those living in these places.


2 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. Brad, right on my friend. Actually, it hits closer to home still – my recent guest blogger Farouk is actually from Cairo and was able to escape to Jordan as the rioting was nearing its peak. So thankful to live where we don’t face this.

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