Got Faith?

Sometimes life gets you down.  Well, maybe not you, it does happen to me.  It can happen as a result of fatigue, or difficult things happening, or seeming to not hear from God, or… I could go on.

When life gets me down, I have a couple of different coping mechanisms to try to pick myself back up.  I watch a good movie, or feel good TV, or lovingly tease my wife (she’s a good sport).  One that never fails me, is to read Hebrews 11.  Hebrews 11 does so many good things for me.

First of all, it is a reminder that no matter how bad it gets for me (which is not usually that bad), there are always people who had it worse and still served God.  For example, Noah built a boat.  Not that big of a deal, right? Well, he built a boat before anyone knew what a boat was, talking about rain and flood before rain and floods ever happened.  Oh, yeah, and it took him somewhere around 100 years to build, with all of his neighbors making fun of him the whole time.

Hebrews 11 encourages my faith.  There are people out there every day doing amazing things for God.  Many of them are living by faith, and making courageous decisions.  This passage of scripture is chalked full of those who lived by faith and set the standard for what it was to live by faith.

This chapter reminds me why we live by faith.  We don’t do it to receive an earthly reward, the purpose of living by faith is not so God will reward you, it is to be obedient.  The early patriarchs really got that.  If they lived by faith in order to receive some reward, they would not have given their lives.  That is no earthy reward at all…  They did what they simply to be obedient and love God.

Next time you are down, read Hebrews 11.  It’ll lift you up.  I promise.


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