The Ultimate Physician

My beautiful wife, Roberta took our son with her to Tacoma this weekend to spend some time with our family.  After my responsibilities have been taken care of, I’ll join her and spend some time with our family as well.

We feel it is really important that she spend this time with our family.  About 4 years ago, her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  They don’t for sure how long the cancer had been there, but they think it’s been there for at least 4 years prior to the diagnosis.  At the time, she was given 10 months to live. 4 years later, she is still alive.  The last four years have been an emotional roller coaster.

Of course we were upset by the news, but we know one thing that many doctors do not know: God is still in the healing business.  We see God’s pattern of healing dating all the way back to the Old Testament, and it does not stop.  Elijah performed many miracles in his day, including a widow’s son who was dead, being brought back to life.  In the New Testament, Jesus healed all who were sick that were brought to Him many times.  The Bible seems to indicate that while Jesus was still on the earth, the disciples did do some miracles.  It goes on to say clearly that after Jesus ascension into heaven, the disciples did perform many miracles including healing.  Since the time of the disciples, God’s power has been poured out on his people, and many have experienced healing, some have even been brought back from the dead.  We believe in God’s healing!

As the news sank in, we began praying for God’s healing in Roberta’s mom’s life.  Sometimes, it seems as though God heard our prayers and answered.  The doctors have reported that the chemo is working, the cancer has stopped growing, and our faith increases.  Then they come back a couple of weeks later saying that the cancer is growing again, and we pray harder.

I remember one day, about two years ago, my dad called me to say that Roberta’s dad is very upset and we should probably try to get a hold of him.  Evidently, her mom said to her dad that she did not think she would live to the end of summer.  I don’t know what happened to her at that junction of her life, but not only did she survive that summer, but she seemed to have received new life.  She began doing things that she always wanted to do, like sing in the church choir, and perform in the 16 performances of the “Singing Christmas Tree” her church does.

Following that summer, Roberta and I found out that we were pregnant, and this time it work out.  We encouraged her to keep fighting so she could meet her grandson and she did.  She’s met him, held him and has loved him with all she has.  We continue to encourage her to fight so she can see him grow up and develop into the man God designed him to be.

Currently, her health is not holding up so well.  The last report said that the cancer is spreading, and there is nothing more the doctors can do.  It is a bleak report, but I believe that my God is bigger than cancer.  He’s held that cancer at bay for the last 4 years, and he can do so for 4 more, or 14 more if he chooses.  Just like God has healed millions of people from all kinds of things through the years, I believe He can heal her.

As child growing up, my family always prayed together before going to bed.  When praying for someone who was sick, my mom would always declare that God is the “Ultimate Physician.”  I believed it as a child, and saw God work miraculous things in our friends and family.  I still believe it today, and see it all around me.  Roberta’s mom’s healing is coming, in this life or the next.  In heaven there is no sickness, injury, or pain.  That means when she gets to heaven, she’ll be cancer free one way or another.

Would you consider joining Roberta and me as we pray for healing for her mom?


8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Physician

  1. Hey Babe, thanks for writing such a great, heartfelt post. Thank you for all of your love, prayer, & support through all of the up’s & down’s through the last few years. I love you.

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