Why are you here?

“God placed me on this earth to bless others.”

Those are the words a volunteer wrote me when I thanked him for a gift.  I was floored when I read this.  How many people actually think like this?  To be really honest, this was the first time I’ve ever heard someone say anything remotely like it.  The closest I’ve ever heard was the lyrics to Israel and New Breed’s Song, “I’m blessed to be a blessing.”  But even that does not really come close.

Though its been several days since reading this, it stuck with me.  I wonder what would happen if a bunch of people began thinking like: “God placed me here to be a blessing.”

Here are some easy ideas of how you can be a blessing:

1) Smile.  You never know how much it may brighten up someone’s day.  I would guess that about 9 out of 10 people you smile at, smile back to you.  It brightens up your day by smiling, then someone else’s day to see it.

2) Give. No matter how big or small a gift you can give, when it comes from the heart, it is always appreciated.  I’ve never gotten a gift that I did not appreciate at least that thought and attitude behind it.  Gifts do not always have to be purchased from a store, it can be handmade, cooked or even something you found that someone else may find a use for.

3) Encourage. Truth: if the person you are looking at, talking to, or have otherwise encountered is breathing, they need encouragement.  If they just stopped breathing, they may need encouragement to start breathing again too.  In short, we all need encouragement.  Has a good-hearted word of encouragement ever left you hurt?

4) Love. Believe it or not, there are people in this planet, in your country, even in your city who feel unloved.  Expressing God’s love to them is a powerful way to bless them.

5) Apologize.  Roberta and I kind of have a game.  Whenever we get into “heated discussions” we race to see who will be the first to apologize.  Spoiler alert: she usually wins.  I feel so much better when she comes to apologize to me, and better still when I sincerely apologize to her.  Be the first to apologize and bless the other person.

Do you have any other thoughts on how you can be blessing?


2 thoughts on “Why are you here?

  1. Good stuff, Brad! What an awesome volunteer! I have a couple of great ones like that (you know, ones who didn’t write a card like that). But they live by that, and it helps what I do in ministry go so much further. Thanks for sharing, buddy!

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