Peter’s Power

Peter was a failure.

I can count at least 3 major failures:

1) He tried walking on water, but lost his focus. He became scared and started to sink.  Good thing, Jesus, (who was also walking on the water) was right there to save him. (Matthew 14:25-31)

2) He misunderstood the circumstances and cut the guard’s ear off when he came to arrest Jesus (I count this as a two part failure. Do you really think he was aiming for his ear?). (John 18:10)

3) He denied Christ to some girls three times on the day of Jesus’ execution, after swearing he would never deny Christ. (Matthew 26:33-34, 26:69-75)

It’s a good thing I am not Peter because the last one would have been too much for me.  I would have given up and faded off into oblivion after that one.  Fortunately, Peter is made of better stuff than I am.  He refused to allow failure define him.

Something powerful happened in Peter’s life.  We find in the book of Acts that Peter became a leader of the community of believers.  In fact, the Roman Catholic church holds Peter to be the first Pope.  His outspoken faith eventually earned him martyrdom.  Something powerful had to happen in his life to turn a man who was afraid of a teenage girl into a martyr.

So what is that changed Peter’s life? The Holy Spirit.  We find the account in Acts chapter 2.  The current followers of Jesus were gathered in the upper room waiting for a gift that Jesus promised but did not explain.  On the day of Pentecost the gift came in the form of the Holy Spirit.

On that day Peter’s fear was turned to courage.  He preached to a crowd that we don’t know the size of. 3,000 people decided they wanted to follow Jesus as a result.  From there Peter began to move in power that did not understand perviously.  Acts 3 tells the story of God using Peter to heal a crippled beggar, and his response to the crowd who witnessed the miracle.  In Acts 5, God gives him a “word of knowledge”, or told Peter that people were lying to him.  He went on to perform all kinds of miracles. He did amazing things everywhere he went through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Having the Holy Spirit changed Peter’s life.  His ministry went to the next level.  It went from standard definition to high definition. He walked in power that was not his own.  He became radical, and changed the world.

Do you want this kind of power in your life?  Seek God.  Ask Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit in your life and see how he turns your world upside down!


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