Have you heard about the boy who went to heaven?  His parents wrote a book based on his experience called “Heaven is For Real.”  I found myself think about heaven a lot lately.  Maybe, because of some of the hardships people in our church are facing (lots of people who’ve lost ones), or because of our newborn baby who also reminds me of the three we lost.  Heaven is a mystery to me, and I suspect to you also.  I don’t think that our minds were made to comprehend heaven in all it’s glory and majesty.  We are certainly not wired to understand eternity.

What I do know is that Heaven is the hope for anyone who calls themselves a Christian.  Sometimes, we live our lives and put so much stock into this life that we forget that heaven is really our home.  Think about some of the things that we do know about heaven: We get to be with Jesus.  I want to stop right here and say that this should be enough.  Getting to be with our savior for eternity is amazing.  Continuing the list: There is no pain, sickness or death, we get to be reunited with those who have gone on before us, there is no sin or temptation, and that is not to mention the physical beauty of heaven that we read about as well.

All this, and yet sometimes we think the experiences of this life are better than heaven.  It is not an outright, forefront thought.  In fact, it is so subtle, that you may not even have really thought about it.  It creeps up in weird ways like hoping that Jesus does not return until ________  (fill in your own blank).  I’ve been there too.  For me it was, “I don’t want Jesus to come back until I get married.”

Truth: There is no experience here on earth that is even remotely close being in Heaven.

When you get to Heaven, what kind of things to do you want to ask God about?


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