How important is Children’s Ministry?

Wow!  I don’t know very many more ways to say it, but wow!  Our church had a kindergarten 5th grade school at one point in time.  The school was scaled back to just pre-school a couple of years ago.  Even though the school meets on our church campus, many people are attracted to bring their kids here.  Kids from all different backgrounds attend the school: some of our pastor’s kids, Baptists, Buddhists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, you name it.  Though I am not a big fan of mixing churches and school, I may have just become a believer again.

I’ve spoken in Christian school chapels more times than I can count.  I’ve given every message I can think of, told every Bible story that I can make a point relevant to kids to, and repeated my favorites a couple of times.  When I was asked to do Easter chapel for the preschool and there parents, I agreed but was certainly hesitant because I don’t normally dive into pre-school ministry.  Knowing that this would be kids and parents, I agreed.

Up until literally the morning of chapel, I had two ideas.  Two object lessons both with the same point, but with different ways of getting there.  It came down to technicalities, which one could I actually pull off?  After failing at my favored option, I went with the second one.  After my 7 minute presentation, I received a few complements (which I never really know how to take).

Earlier today, as I was gathering some supplies for Kids Church, one of the moms stopped to talk about the Easter Chapel service.  Being an introvert and more of a task focused person, I tried to say thanks and end the conversation quickly, but she wanted to keep telling me about how powerful it was.  Her daughter came home and opened up a spiritual conversation among her whole family about Jesus forgiveness and how He died on the cross for her sins.

Being me, I thought, “That’s great, a family discussing their spirituality at home!  Mission accomplished!”  She went on to say that the girl asked if she could start attending church here.   The mom explained that the family already has a church, because they are LDS, but if she wants to come to church here, then they’ll bring her here.

I am blown away by God’s power, that he would take a simple object lesson of food coloring and water, and use it to bring a Mormon family to our church.  Children’s ministry is essential to the growth of a church.


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