Current thoughts on Current Events

This is certainly one of those “I’m not speaking for my church, denomination, or any other church I’ve ever served in” type of blogs.  Disclaimer written and served.

I have lots of thoughts on world events from the past weekend, and the response across America.  My thoughts are far-reaching, so lets just see how far I can get in the time I have allowed myself to write today.  I should also mention that I waited until now specifically to write these thoughts, because I wanted to give time for my emotions to settle down before posting.

First of all, I love America and particularly those who volunteer for the military and the various other agencies that exist to protect our country and keep people like you and me safe.  I appreciate that our soldiers and other service men and women have not given up, but kept the fight for 10 years to track down Osama bin Ladin and bring him to justice.  I am so very glad that he is not a threat to America, or anyone else any more.

However, we must understand that al Qaeda is a very sophisticated and deadly organization.  Because its founder/leader is dead does not mean that al Qaeda is done.  In I am a bit more scared of al Qaeda today than I was a few days ago.  We have no idea who is the new head, and how bad they are.  Remember Saddam Hussein?  His son Uday was a lot more brutal and dangerous than Saddam was.  If he had not died before his father and was able to take leadership in Iraq, it was be far worse today that it ever was in Saddam’s day.  I fear the same may happen with al Qaeda.

Next, al Qaeda’s mode of operation is in independent cell groups.  Think franchises and not corporations.  If the CEO of a major company were to become suddenly incapacitated that would mean bad news for the company.  However, the cell groups in al Qaeda work independently of one another, and its leadership.  The cells are given their task and then left to do their work.  Osama bin Ladin is not checking in on each cell and measuring their progress.  Therefore the death of Osama bin Ladin is not as divesting to them as a cell group.  They can still function and carry out their mission.

That’s enough about that.  Something else that stuck out to me as I read tweets from church popular (and not so popular) church leaders and Christ followers I was truly saddened by the response.  Many rejoiced at the prospect that Osama bin Ladin is dead and in hell.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that he is no longer a threat to anyone on earth ever again.  I am glad that we were able to find him and bring him to justice.  However we must remember the words of 2 Peter 3:9 “…He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”  God does not delight in people being in hell.  He wants for everyone to experience heaven forever, and ever and ever.  I think that if we truly understood what hell was like, we would do everything we could to keep anyone from going there (another story for another day).

I hope that my disappointment with some of my tweeps is nothing more than my lack of understanding a person’s true thoughts because of the limited nature of twitter’s 140 character capacity.  I recognize that 140 characters is not enough to share a complete thought and can often result in miscommunication.  I’ll close with a powerful thought that I could not have said better myself from a twitter friend of mine: “Bin Laden’s death doesn’t avenge the lives he took. he’s still a human life & a soul that didn’t know Jesus. and that should be mourned.”  She wrote a great blog that also attracted a jihadist to comment, you can give it a read here:


8 thoughts on “Current thoughts on Current Events

  1. YES! Brad, you just voiced many things I’ve been wrestling with over the past few days…I could not have said it better. Good words…

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