Nearly 6 months ago, I sat here in the very seat, at this very desk looking at the very same wall (but a different computer and screen), wondering about my entire life.  I had questions like, “Is God really going to provide for me?” and “Do I or do I not belong in ministry?” and “What is God doing right now?”

I resigned from my last ministry position with only faith that God is doing something.  Hoping Praying that I had done the right thing, and I am still in the center of His will.  Looking back at the last 6 months of being randomly employed, living in my parents basement, and living by faith, I see now that God’s timing is perfect and his miracles are nothing short of miracles.

My last day in ministry was October 2.  I lead my last kids’ church service, said goodbye to the kids, volunteers and friends that we made, and got in my uhaul and drove to my parents house.  The church did more than enough to help us, they continued our health insurance and continued to pay us through the rest of the month.  After some settling time, I started looking for a job, and when I ran out of places that I knew to apply, and saw that we needed something God provided a job for me at Amazon.com.  It was hard work, but it was really fun.  The money was not great, but it was enough to keep paying the bills.  A week before Christmas, I along with probably about 23 other people were laid off.  I figured it would happen, just not that soon.

I waited through the new year to start looking for a new job.  After all, who hires right before Christmas, or before the new year?  I think it was the evening of new years day, Roberta looked over our finances and informed me, “You need to get a job.”  The next day, I scoured Craig’s List looking for a new job.  I saw an interesting listing for a sales position.  Having no real background in sales, I thought I would give them a call and see what happens.  After a quick interview and introduction to the company, they hired me.  Long story short, it was a great fit, and I only did it for 3 weeks.

Through this time, God did provide more than we needed, asked for or even imagined.  Last week, we were able to pay off our car-A miracle considering I have not really had a paycheck since before Christmas.  Today, I went to the bank and paid off what Roberta and I have come to call “The Stupid Loan.”  We have enough money to pay off one of our credit cards, leaving with only one credit card and our student loan as our only debts.  Through this time God has also provided for us a way to unburden ourselves from the house that has kept us back from so much for the past 3 years.  God has provided for us in ways that I can not tangibly understand.

His timing is impeccable.  Anytime I think about God’s timing, I am reminded of the story of the 3 Hebrew boys in captivity in Babylon, or as you may know them Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  There are so many places where God could have intervened, but he waited until the opportune time (when they were in the furnace) to make the maximum impact.  That is what God did in our lives as well.  This time that Roberta and I have had has been literally been a godsend.  Its been a healing time in our spiritual lives, as well as a time of growth.  We’ve had awesome family time that we would not have had otherwise.  Roberta spent some great time with her mom, who is fighting lung cancer.  God has done some other miracles too, which I can not get into right now.  The bottom line is that God had us “at home” at this time for a reason, and I praise Him for it.

All around me right now, Roberta is packing up the last pits of everything we own, to start the next chapter in our life.  God has made clear our calling to stay in ministry, and in a few hours, we’ll be headed off to start that journey once again.  We are excited to move from the suburbs to rural Oregon (Pendleton) to make a difference in the lives of some families there.  I’d be ecstatic if you could remember me in your prayers especially as we are making this transition.

Thought for the day:

His ways are not my ways,
His timing is not my timing,
But His ways and timing are perfect.


2 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. God’s funny that way, how he provides . . . a domino effect had to go into place to provide for you guys, move me into my dream position which I am starting in a few months, well technically now, and who knows what else. So KEWL! Glad you guys are in Pendleton!

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