Open letter to my 2 year old son

Dear Son,

Its your birthday again, and what it year 2012 been!!!  You may or may not remember, but this year started off with so many questions.  We were living with your Nana and Papa, and neither you mom nor I had a job to speak of.  But God provided, not long after your birthday, we went to Pendleton for the first time, and fell in love with the city and church that we are apart of today!

How you have grown since your last birthday! You had just learned to crawl, and how you run everywhere you can!  You talk so much, and so clearly.  We heard you say your first sentence.  You were in your pack and play while mom and I were trying to get our new home set up, and you yelled “I want mama!”  Even though you were crying, we were so happy to hear your first sentence.

We’ve seen you get used to going in the nursery at church, and just hanging out in my office while I work.  You play so good!  I love coming by nursery and seeing you asleep on the floor while all the other kids run around playing and screaming.  My favorite parts of this year has been when you cuddle in my lap and fall asleep on me while I work.

You started going to daycare this year too.  We had never left you with anyone other than family, until we moved here to Pendleton.  You started going to daycare with Mrs. Jennifer, and made really good friends with Gracen, Kerrington, Kael and others.  You cried so hard every time we dropped you off until one day, I set you down, and you just ran off to play.  I could hardly believe my eyes.

You experienced your first rodeo this year too, Pendleton Round Up!  We watched a couple of parades and you got so excited about horses!  You love seeing horses and point them out all the time.  Not only horses, but you’ve learned a bunch of animals and their noises.  It is not uncommon for us to be in the car or somewhere and hear you make a random animal noise!

During the Round Up, we learned about your new baby brother or sister coming soon.  We had told you about the new baby a few times, and one day out of the blue, you came up to your mom and pointed at her stomach and said, “Baby!”

This year, you took a bunch of trips.  You went to Atlanta in January to visit your Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Batson.  After we moved, you went a bunch of times to Tacoma to visit Nana, Papa, Lola and Grandpa Pete.  Lola has been sick, and when you go to visit her, it helps her feel better.

You’ve changed so much this year!  I can hardly believe that you are the same boy today as you were at the beginning of the year.  You mom and I are so proud of the man you are becoming.  You are a loving and caring boy to your mom, dad, puppy and even your unborn baby brother or sister.

If I could sum up this year in a sentence, it would be “God always provides.”  It may not always be in a way that we expect, but He always comes through.  I hope that is something that you always remember through your life.

Your mom and I love you very much, and we are very proud of you!  I can’t wait to see what this year hold for you and for our family!

I love you son.


Your Dad


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