Excited for my friends Bryan and Kristin Thompson

In early 2009, I met my friends Bryan and Kristin Thompson for the first time.  I was the children’s pastor at a church in the Portland, Oregon area, and Bryan was interviewing to be the worship pastor.  At the time they had two kids, Grace and Hope.  There was all kinds of business for them to attend to on our first meeting.  They met the lead pastor, other staff members, toured the church, school and neighborhood, look for housing, lead services, interview with the board, and have about a million other meetings.  Not long after, they accepted the position and moved to the Portland area.

Over the course of the year that we worked together, I got to know Bryan and Kristin very well.  We watched their kids from time to time, including a couple of nights while Kristin gave birth to their third child, Noel.  There are a couple of noteworthy things about their family that I found out during our time together.  First of all, they have very well-behaved children.  That says a lot about who they are as a couple and as parents.  Second, Bryan is one of the most amazing musicians that I have the pleasure of also calling friend.  Third, Bryan is a brilliant leader, and is passionate about reaching people for Jesus.

As long as I’ve known Bryan, he’s always had the church planting bug.  He dreams big, often bigger than himself (which is a good thing.  It allows God to take over), and he also has God-given ideas about to achieve the dream that he has.  So a couple of weeks ago, he called to tell me that he is finally planting a church.  I’m really excited for him to get working on his dream and to see what God does.

All this to ask of a couple of things of my readers: 1) Would you do the greatest thing you can do for my friend and pray for him, his family and his dream to reach the St. Louis area for Jesus?  2) Would you also pray about supporting a new church that can change the world monetarily? 3) If you live the St. Louis area, would you consider taking Bryan and/or his family out to lunch and hear their heart?

If you want to “like” Urban Church on Facebook and keep up with the happenings, you can do so by clicking here.  Check out the video below to hear about it in their own words.  Thanks for reading!


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