Kids Camp!!!

I’m more excited this year for kids camp than I think I’ve ever been!  There are so many reasons for excitement: We have an amazing speaker in Missionary Phil Malcolm!  We are going to be trying some new things that will be really fun for the kids and engaging in the worship experiences!  We have an amazing team that will make the camp the best camp our kids have ever been to!  And last but most important, I know God is going to change kids’ lives at Camp Elkanah!

There are so many things that we do for our kids camps in Oregon that I love, but this might be my favorite: We have 100 days of prayer leading up to our camps, and we try to get 100 people to pray along with us.  Would you consider joining in the 100 Days of prayer?  Each week, I’ll post the prayer topics for each day of prayer for that week.  Our Prayer coordinator takes great care in this task to strategically plan certain prayer items on certain days according how things are planned.  If you have 1 minute, 1 hour, or 3 hours to pray over these needs, it is greatly appreciated

If you would like to join in the 100 days of prayer, would you please let me know in the comments below? Thanks!

Here are the prayer needs for the first week of the 100 days of Prayer:

1. Pray great team meetings
2. Pray for enough volunteer staff
3. Pray for favor among vendors that donate to camps
4. Pray for all upcoming camps within the network (Summer Camp, Royal Rangers, Missionettes, Royal Family Kids Camps, etc.)
5. Pray for a wonderful spirit among all involved
6. Pray for scholarships for those cannot afford to attend a camp
7. Pray for enough camp staff

Thanks again!


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