Prayer This Week Kids Camp

Thanks for praying with me for Kids Camps!  As all the prep work is getting done, I’m getting more and more excited watching God work out the details.  Please join with me in praying for these things this week:
  1.  Pray for the witness of volunteers at home and work
  2.  Pray for parents that are not involved in their kids’ lives
  3.  Pray for those without a church home
  4.  Pray for church members to reach out to those without church homes
  5.  Pray for the witness of all youth involved at home and school/work
  6.  Pray for the families of all of our pastors
  7.  Pray for children in 2nd grade

Thanks Friends!


Promotion info and Summer Activities For Parents of PCC Kids

Hey Parents,

Summer is right around the corner, and before it officially gets here, I would like to take a moment to let you know about all the excitement that is coming up!

First of all, we have our promotions coming this Sunday!  If your child is a new Kindergarten, 5th or 6th grade student, they may go to their new classes beginning this Sunday in the 9:00 hour.  If they are not here for the 9:00, but are here for 10:15, new kindergarten students may come to the Trailhead, and 6th grade students may attend the adult service.  For 6th grade students, the middle school does have a section where they sit together (look for Pastor Aaron), or they may sit with their parents.  If at any time, anyone is unsure of where to go, you can ask myself, their previous teacher, any other pastor, usher or greeter where to go.

Summer activities:

We’ve got some amazing summer activities on tap this year!  First of all, Young Champions is coming up fast.  Mark your calendars for July 25-28.  Registration is online at or you can register on paper using the brochures that will be coming out soon.  Young Champions is an awesome track and field clinic where kids learn not only track and field skills but also how to be a true champion.  Cost is $20 per child with a maximum of $60 per family.  Invite a friend!

Royal Ranger Powwow

For so many boys, this is the highlight of their summer.  Activities include rock-climbing wall, zip line, bb guns, canoeing, batting cages, paintball and more!  They will also hear from a great speaker and come away changed by the power of God.  Powwow takes place at Camp Wildcat near Corvallis.  Boys going into grades 2-5 may attend without a male adult coming with them, younger kids must have a male adult chaperone (dad, uncle, grandfather etc) August 11-14, cost: $110 per boy.

Kids Camp

Kids going into grades 3rd -6th are invited to join us at Kids Camp August 15-19, at Kellogg Springs, in Sutherlin, Oregon.  At Kellogg Springs, the kids will be treated to amazing speakers (Jenni and Jeff Smith from Horizon Community Church in Tualatin), zip line, pool, archery, and much more.  For sign ups, see Pastor Brad.  Space is limited, so sign up soon.  Cost: $225 per child.

M’s Club Girls Camp

All girls between 1st-5th grade are invited to Girls Camp at Driftwood Creek Camp in Lincoln City.  Suzie Star will be our guest speaker and she will knock it out of the park!  This will be an amazing time for the girls to connect with other girls, worship God, and be challenged in their relationship with Him.  Cost $90 per girl.

Music Day Camps The 2011 Kids’ Summer Music Adventure Camp

August 8-12, 2011
Morning Only from 9:00 AM – Noon or
Full Day from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
For: Kids entering Kindergarten-4th Grade
Location: Portland Christian Center

Kids will have a blast during five fun-filled days packed with action and adventure as they explore music from the Appalachian Mountains all the way to the Islands of Hawaii!

Each day we’ll dive into a different style of music, have demonstrations of instruments, interactive music games, music instruction, get artsy with fun crafts, learn fun new songs and dances and snack on yummy treats! Optional afternoon activities will include outings to the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, Oaks Park Roller Rink, the pool, and more!

Morning Music Camp – $130 (Early Bird Rate of $115 if registered and paid by 7/25/11)
Full Day Camp – $245 (Early Bird Rate of $220 registered and paid by 7/25/11)

For more information email

If your child wants to participate in any of these activities, but cost is a factor, don’t fret! Scholarships are available.  I don’t ever want for a child to be hindered from doing something because of money.  For more information on any of these activities, email me at

Have an awesome summer, I hope to see everyone at at least one of these events!

Pastor Brad

Oreos, Gummy Bears, and Airplanes

What do these three things have in common?  I can think of little more than last week’s Take Flight Day Camp.  What a great time we had last week at Day Camp!  As I have mentioned before the whole week revolved around trust.  Our 5 lessons were:

1) I can trust God to take care of all my needs: Elijah and the widow (1 Kings 17:1-16).  Flight reference: flight attendant.  Flight attendants are on board every commercial aircraft for 2 reasons.  First, safety, second meet our needs on the plane.

2) I can trust God with my money, a giving attitude: The widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-46).  Flight reference: Baggage Handlers.  We trust our baggage handlers with our bags, we need to trust God with our money.

3) I can trust God with my worries: King Darius worried about Daniel being in the lion’s den (Daniel 6:1-23).  Flight reference: (Pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 which crashed in the Hudson River and everyone survived) Capt. Chesley Sullenberger.  Many people were very worried when they realized their flight was going down, but they trusted their pilot.  Worrying does no good, but trusting in God and prayer does do good.

4) I can trust God to keep his promises: the story of Joseph (selected parts of Genesis 37-47).  Flight reference: Travel agent.  Just as we can trust our travel agent to make sure that all arrangements are good when we get to our destination, we can trust in God to make good on his promises. 

5) I can trust God with my whole heart: God fills the void in our hearts (Revelation 3:20). Flight reference: Mechanic. Though we don’t often see the mechanics or hear about them, we put a great deal of trust in them to keep the planes well-maintained and in the air. 

We also had a great deal of fun at Take Flight Day Camp.  I ate perhaps more Oreos than I have ever eaten in my life, due to my panic about not having enough for a particular game, then not playing the game.  There was also a great deal of gummy bears involved, as our bus driver loves them and brought more than enough for everyone, well at least more than enough for me.  Our field trips were awesome, each day we left and come back with the same number of people.  I only assume that it was the same people as I heard no parents complain about their child being left behind.

All in all, it was one of the best day camps I have been a part of, and I have been a part of a lot of day camps.  In fact, now that I think about it since attending day camp, I have only had a handful of summers in which there was not a day camp that I was heavily involved in.

Why Day Camp?

I think that God has gifted me with selective memory… Each year at Day Camp, as the days go by, I ask myself “why do I do this?  The mental and physical toll is exhausting.”  But when it comes time to start planning day camp, I get excited and look forward to it completely forgetting the toll it takes on me.

There are a few reasons that I do day camp: First and foremost is the fun factor.  In Zachariah 8:5, God is talking about the blessings of Jerusalem to come, and he says, “The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there.”  God love to see his children having fun!  I aim for the kids to have a good time, and learn more about Him, His creation, and how he designed us to be.

Secondly, Day Camp has proved to be a great discipleship time.  On Sundays, the group is so large, and to be honest, the most committed children are coming 2-3 times a month on average.  That makes it difficult to disciple kids.  However with day camp, when parents pay for their children to attend, they show up!  This is 5 days of great discipleship that kids will receive.

Third, I get to know and hang out with kids on a different level.  I learned this year at day camp, that the kids that talk a lot and have a difficult time paying attention on Sunday are really fun to hang out and relax with!

Fourth, this is a great time for me to get to know some awesome teenagers!  Teenagers who like to/want to serve are amazing people!  This week, I got to know some amazing servants who love kids in a powerful way.  I am proud to associate myself with them and I know that they are going to do great things with their lives!

If your kids missed out on Day Camp this year… I’m sorry, and I hope that they will get a chance to participate in the future!  If they did participate, thanks for having them come, I’m having such a great time!

Summer Activities

Tomorrow is the last day of school, and though it does not feel like summer is coming, it indeed is.  I thought that I would take a couple of minutes and explain the summer activities that we have planned for Kids Live!        


Take Flight Day Camp 2010


June 21-25 (8:30-4:00 each day): Take Flight Day Camp.  I am particularly excited this year about day camp.  Take Flight alludes to an aeronautical theme.  Just as trust as we must put our trust into many people when we buy a plane ticket, board a  plane, and set sail to the wild blue yonder, so we must put our trust into God in different areas of our lives as well.  We’ll be talking in our chapel times about the different ways to put our trust in God, and see how that correlates with different people in the Bible.         

Field trips include: Evergreen Aviation Museum (home to Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose), Clackamas Aquatic Center, Roodbridge Park for some team competition, OMSI, and the Oregon Zoo.  Cost is $125 per camper.  This event is for kids going into 1st-5th grades.  Space is limited and going fast, so if your kids want to go and their forms are not in yet, please get them in fast!        

High Seas Expedition VBS


July 12-16 (9:00-12:00 each day)  High Seas Expedition VBS, exploring the mighty love of God!  We’ll be diving into God’s love, learning about how deep, wide and great his love really is (well, as much as we can understand it).  While learning all these things, we’ll be having as much fun as kids going into 1st-5th grade (see how I slipped that in there) are allowed to have.  This is a free event, we will gladly accept any donations to help offset the costs.  If you could be so kind as to send me an email and let me know that you are planning on sending your kids, that would be great!        



Celebrate U Kids Camp 2010

August 16-20: “Celebrate U” overnight camp.  This is the district camp where we will join with kids from all over the western side of Oregon and have fun, worship God, and learn more about His awesomeness.  This is a university themed camp, aimed at celebrating the unique qualities that each child has.  We will be at Kellogg Springs campground in Sutherlin, Oregon.  Cost is $190 per camper.  Registration is due by July 22, after that the price increases to $215, and registration closes August 9th.        

This year, we have been gifted with a generous scholarship fund, so please do not let money be a reason that your kids miss out on anything!

VBS Recap

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking and running a rotation for VBS while my wonderful wife directed. Last week’s VBS was an Olympic theme. We had Olympic Games the kids played each day, challenges for each team to complete, snacks, object lessons to go with the teachings about being an Olympic athlete, and Olympic crafts.

The lessons dealt with what it takes to be an Olympic Athlete. They included: Making right choices, Being on the right team (having the right friends), Knowing how to play the game (importance of knowing the Bible), having a good attitude, and perseverance (don’t give up).

We had about 75 kids each day come and participate in life changing activities. On Monday and Friday, I gave invitations for the kids to receive Christ, and both times 5-7 kids accepted.

I did not do this on my own. It took a tremendous amount of effort from our volunteers. I wish that I could begin to name everyone involved, but there was such an army of people working that I am sure I would leave someone out, and then feel really guilty about not naming them. From planning to staging this VBS, cleaning up and everything between, I believe that we had 40-50 people involved in helping to make this the best VBS in the Greater Portland Area!

I would like to take a moment and say thank you to every single person who helped make it happen. Many of you would say, “I don’t feel like I did that much.” Well, that is the beauty of having so many people involved. When we have so many people, it does not require any one person to do too much. However, it does not diminish the importance of any one person’s role. Each person involved was still equally important. Imagine what would happen if were not there to do your job. At the very best scenario, you just add stress to another person, at the very worst-VBS spins out of control, and it becomes a mess. Bottom line, each person was very much needed there.

Thank you to every single person who made VBS happen: Group leaders and group leader assistants, Rotation leaders, rotation assistants, planners, shoppers, characters for teaching time, volunteer coordinators, and registration people. Thank you one and all for your hard work!

By the way, I have a few things left over that I have no idea who they belong to: a couple of brooms from broom hockey, some clothes, and a camera. If you know who they belong to, I would love to return them their rightful owner.