Kids Clubs this weekend

Dear Parents,

I’m excited for this weekend’s Kids Clubs activities.  After several days of rain, the sun is shining and it is HOT outside.  It is so hot, I just saw a dog chasing a cat, and they were both walking <cue laugher>.

This weekend in Kids Clubs we are going to have a rocking good time.  Our rainbows (pre-school age kids) will have an awesome lesson in their classroom, and super fun activities that they will enjoy.

The preschooler don’t have a corner on the market for fun though… The elementary age kids will be out in the sun at the newly rebuilt Pioneer Park having the Kids Place first ever “WATER WARS.”  Yes, it is going to be as fun as it sounds.  Be sure your kids come ready to get wet.  If they have a favorite water toy they want to bring, it will be most welcomed.  We will have some squirt guns, lots of water balloons and as much fun as one can have.

Parents are invited to drop their kids off at 5:45 at pioneer park (that should give you enough time to get to church on time), and we are requesting that you return to pick your kids up by 7:45.  Any parents who want to participate or watch are also welcome.

Sometimes, we forget things, it happens to the best of us.  If that should happen to you this weekend, and your kids show up at church, do not worry.  With your permission, we will take them to pioneer park so they don’t miss out on all the fun.  This also works if you lead a group, or otherwise serve the church in a capacity that does not allow you to bring your children to the park at this time.

If the weather turns bad on us, please check the webpage ( for updates.

One last thing:  Attached to this email is the Kids Club Activity from.  If you have not already filled one out, please print and fill it out and drop it off with your child.  We’ll have extras too if you forget.

See you Sunday at Pioneer Park at around 5:45!


Pastor Brad


Kids Camp Prayer this week

Thanks for praying along with me for kids camp.  Here is the weeks prayer focus:

Here is the next group of 7 prayers for our camps this year. Please join us and continue to pray for God’s move in this next generation.

1. Pray for children in 3rd grade
2. Pray for children in 4th grade
3. Pray for children in 5th grade
4. Pray for children entering the 6th grade
5. Pray for follow up partners after camp
6. Pray for all materials to distributed smoothly after camp (DVD’s, lost items, etc.)
7. Pray for excitement to remain high

Thanks!  I’m excited to see how God moves through our kids lives and the lives of everyone involved!

Prayer This Week Kids Camp

Thanks for praying with me for Kids Camps!  As all the prep work is getting done, I’m getting more and more excited watching God work out the details.  Please join with me in praying for these things this week:
  1.  Pray for the witness of volunteers at home and work
  2.  Pray for parents that are not involved in their kids’ lives
  3.  Pray for those without a church home
  4.  Pray for church members to reach out to those without church homes
  5.  Pray for the witness of all youth involved at home and school/work
  6.  Pray for the families of all of our pastors
  7.  Pray for children in 2nd grade

Thanks Friends!

Kids Camp Prayer Week

We are another week closer to Kids Camp 2013!  Thanks for all who are praying with me for the kids, staff and speakers.  Here is the prayer focus for this week:

1.Pray for our Activity, Décor, and Chapel time coordinator; Pastor Harvey Walls

2.Pray for our Prayer Coordinator; Pastor Isaiah McGarry

3.Pray for fun, organized, and safe activities for all

4.Pray for all of our prayer partners

5.Pray for operation of all equipment to be flawless

6.Pray for consistent prayer among all our prayer partners

7.Pray for kids with difficult home situations

Thanks for praying!

Camp Prayer This week

Thanks for joining so many others in praying for Oregon Kids Camps this year.  These are the prayer focuses for this week:

1. Pray for our network leaders assistant; Amber Greer
2. Pray for a spirit of fun and joy among all the campers and leaders
3. Pray for the counselors as they share devotional time with the campers
4. Pray for preparation of hearts to receive the gospel
5. Pray safe travel for the camp coordinators to and from meetings
6. Pray for the opportunity to invite non Christian kids and parents to church prior to and after camp
7. Pray for our Games Coordinators; Pastor Sheryl McLean and Pastor Jeff Stallings

Kids Camp Prayer

Sorry, I have been preoccupied with life to get the camp prayer items out.  Thank you for praying with me!

Here are the prayer items for this week:

1. Pray for Non Christian parents to send their kids to camp
2. Pray for the maintenance team, that all things would work properly
3. Pray for the safety of everyone helping at or attending a camp
4. Pray for all volunteers to experience spiritual growth before, during, and after camp
5. Pray for pray for all kids to experience spiritual growth before, during, and after camp
6. Pray our Camp Coordinators; Western Camp, Pastor St. John Eyre and Eastern Camp, Pastor Brad Shimomura
7. Pray for our network leader; Pastor Brian Eno

Successful camps are the result of praying the price.  Kids are going to have a great encounter with God this year at camp!

An open letter to pastors {A non-mom speaks about Mother’s Day}

Great thoughts on Mother’s Day… My wife and I have been in many of these categories.

The Messy Middle

PLEASE see the updated version of this post at  An open letter to pastors {a non-mom speaks on Mother’s Day} at The Messy Middle. This one is closed for comments, but that one is open and I’d love to hear from you.

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I’ve also written 10 ideas for pastor’s on Mother’s Day and you can get The Wide Spectrum on Mothering in PDF.

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